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Electropneumatics designs and manufactures standard and customised metal forming equipment, and provides its services for the production of formed parts. We specialise in providing the right solutions for all your forming needs. Our extensive range of indigenous machines, products and technologies cater to a variety of metal forming and allied applications and offer a perfect blend of modern technology and cost-competitiveness. We have been serving a wide spectrum of industries since 1972 with our:

  1. Forming equipment - for deep drawing, trimming, coining, cold extrusion, die spotting and tryout, honing, powder compacting, composite/engineering plastic moulding, tubular bending and forming, punching, testing, assembly and almost all forming applications. [Machine Manufacturing Division]
  2. Forming part production - batch and mass production of formed components/ assemblies. [Component Manufacturing Division]
  3. Fluid power systems - pneumatic valves, cylinders, accessories, hydraulic cylinder, power packs, intensifiers, etc.[Fluid Power Division]
We pride ourselves on being the leaders in pioneering forming products in India and for the recognition we have received through several technology awards from the Indian machine tool industry. When it comes to your forming needs, look no further.

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